【Finished】March 16 (Fri) to March 25 (Sun) 2018
Encounters of everyday——
ANNA AIKO's photo exhibition

ANNA AIKO, as a Art Director, has handled brands such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton, she is also active as a Psycho-Energy Therapist, and is a tireless traveler along the Silk Road. We will hold her photo exhibition TIME OF LOVE from the 15th of March. In this solo exhibition, she will exhibit and sell works captured at the moment of encounters of her traveling destinations, mainly India. Please come and visit us.

【Finished】October 13 (Fri) to October 22 (Sun) 2017
Holding a solo exhibition by Rikako Kawauchi,
a new artist attracting attention
through her unique world of works !

She has won the Shiseido Art Egg Award, attracting the attention of many through her abundant imagination, and will now be holding her solo exhibition. We will exhibit and sell drawings, paintings, neon and wire works with the theme of “brushed momentary”
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 14 (Sat) 17: 00-19: 00

【Finished】September 29 (Fri) - October 8 (Sun) 2017
The Solo Exhibition of Tomoko Shintani, known for her popular quirky and cute sketch art paired with Starbucks cups, is here!

Illustrator Tomoko Shintani’s solo exhibition is being held. Shintani’s sketch art using the cups of is currently attracting the attention of many, and we will be displaying and selling goods such as books, postcards, stamps, etc., besides the latest works of Mr. Shintani popular on Instagram and Facebook .

【Finished】September 15th (Friday) to 24th (Sun) 2017
Tomoko Hirano Exhibition
~ Ornamental Art of Red Water Drawing ~

From Friday, September 15th to Sunday, 24th, we hold a solo exhibition of flower designer Tomoko Hirano. This theme is “decorative art” using water drawing. We will exhibit / sell that made use of the charm of curves that can be bundled, rolled and tied together.
Please visit the page of [ Exhibition ] on the artist’s visiting day .

Mr. Jun Iida's solo exhibition June 23 has begun!

Illustrator Jun Iida’s solo exhibition has started. 
The theme is “Friends”. 
Mr. Iida will be exhibiting and selling the latest works visualizing the characters and memories of his friends. 
Until July 2 (Sun).
Please visit the page of [ Exhibition ] for the artist’s visiting days.

Jun Iida exhibition “FRiENDS” June 23 start!

From June 23 (Fri) to July 2 (Sun), Illustrator Jun Iida exhibition “FRiENDS” will be held. Mr. Iida’s latest works active in a wide range of genres, from high brands to casual brands, illustrations, logo designs, textiles, advertisements, editorials and packages will be exhibited and sold. Please visit the page
of [ Exhibition ]for the artist’s visiting day .

Held from May 26th, Yumi Hara’s Moss Ball Art Exhibition

An exhibition of moss ball art is underway by Yumi Hara, who is active in magazines and advertisements as a model.
More than 20 works of large and small sizes are announced and works purchased can be taken home on the day.
Until May 31 (Wednesday).