Mr. Jun Iida's solo exhibition June 23 has begun!

Illustrator Jun Iida’s solo exhibition has started. 
The theme is “Friends”. 
Mr. Iida will be exhibiting and selling the latest works visualizing the characters and memories of his friends. 
Until July 2 (Sun).
Please visit the page of [ Exhibition ] for the artist’s visiting days.

Jun Iida exhibition “FRiENDS” June 23 start!

From June 23 (Fri) to July 2 (Sun), Illustrator Jun Iida exhibition “FRiENDS” will be held. Mr. Iida’s latest works active in a wide range of genres, from high brands to casual brands, illustrations, logo designs, textiles, advertisements, editorials and packages will be exhibited and sold. Please visit the page
of [ Exhibition ]for the artist’s visiting day .

Held from May 26th, Yumi Hara’s Moss Ball Art Exhibition

An exhibition of moss ball art is underway by Yumi Hara, who is active in magazines and advertisements as a model.
More than 20 works of large and small sizes are announced and works purchased can be taken home on the day.
Until May 31 (Wednesday).

Held from May 26th, Yumi Hara’s Moss Ball Art Exhibition

From May 26th (Fri) to May 31st (Wed), we will exhibit and sell moss ball art wrapped in small tree branches and grass flowers. In addition, during the exhibition we will also hold a hands-on class to experience making moss balls.
Moss ball making experience – (reservation required)
May 28 (Sunday) 14:00, May 28 (Sunday) 16:30, May 30 (Tue) 17:30
Class fee: 5000 yen, Time: About 40 minutes, 4 people per time slot.
For details of the experience class, application and artists’ visiting days, please see the page of [Exhibition].

Animal Painter, Chikuma’s PET ART COLLECTION, “I Will Draw Your Pet’s Portrait”, will be on display!

We are now exhibiting and selling 57 pet artworks by animal painter, Mr. Takema. Also will be creating custom made pieces based on your pet photographs. During the consecutive holidays from May 3 (Wednesday), the artist will visit every day. Please come and visit us, let us know: not only the pet’s pictures, but also their unique characteristics and episodes. Until May 7th (Sun).

Next Exhibition from April 28th: Animal Artist, Chikuma’s PET ART COLLECTION, “I Will Draw Your Pet’s Portrait” drawing exhibition

From April 28th (Fri) to May 7th (Sunday), we will hold an exhibition of small family portraits painted by animal painter, Takema. We will make them custom-made based on pet photographs (from 3,0000 yen). When visiting, please let us know the pet’s characteristics and episodes as well as providing photos of them. We’re sure a beautiful artwork will come out of it.
For artist visiting days, please view the page of [Exhibition].

Yoko Ueda’s original painting exhibition, “Deliciousness of Paris”, has started!

The original painting exhibition of Yoko Ueda, a popular painter who continues to draw the attractions of Paris, has started. With “food” as the central theme, 27 artworks incorporating movies and stories of prominent writers are on display. A three-dimensional piece of Ueda’s beloved cat, Tiger, will welcome you at the entrance.
The exhibition will be open until the 23rd (Sun) of this month. Please come and visit us.
Explanation of the artwork by Ueda here: