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Solo Exhibition

ANNA AIKO lived in Paris for 20 years and was in charge of art directing for Cartier, Louis Vuitton and many others, with photographers known worldwide. Meanwhile, she made a name as a traveler learning the traditions and cultures of various places surrounding the Silk Road. With this gallery of photos, enjoy a trip to a different dimension that connects  encounters'moments of color, sound, light, people, culture...ANNA  AIKO picked up along her journey. 

【Gallery Notes】

I started traveling in earnest about two years ago and my first journey was in India.
I went to India for my friend's wedding ceremony, but I originally planned to take a trip as a backpacker.
However, a friend who will be a bride said to me, "Because it is dangerous, do not do that.", and during the course of my three-weeks trip, I spent two weeks with her .
In this way, while experiencing preparations for an Indian wedding, I met religion, culture, color, sound and light, and various other things. All these encounters were put in photos.
Actually, I take pictures with my iPhone. It's easy, I never miss the timing I want to take and it is the closest thing to express my image of things.
I take pictures as for making a diary, there are 100,000 pictures in my iPhone.
People look at the past and the future and are not so conscious of the present, but I am taking what I feel at "this moment”.
I capture the wonderful moment I meet with things, nature and people in my life, and I take pictures to tell a story to someone.
Some of the photos are taken in dangerous places, even from the local people point of view. You know, the worst thing in the world is "to be scared".
I believe that it is a shame to lose the opportunity to see and learn about beautiful things with my eyes because of « fear ».
Everything is love. So, I think the most important thing is to see these beautiful things and share them with everyone.

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