President and Representative Director, Tokyo Myoan Institute of Development Research, Inc.

相羽 髙德



In commercial planning and design work, there are always things to consider.
Such as the fact that people can not have real happiness with money,
goods and technology alone. The source of happiness is imagination.
Modern society dominated by desk figures such as economic efficiency and
marketing, soon the magic of imagination is going to disappear.
Our theme is consistently simple and straightforward. "More art in people's mind!"
We took advantage of the know-how and sensibility that we have cultivated over the
years in commercial design world experience, and started the effort to deliver the
magic of imagination to our daily lives. That is the "Tokyo Myoan Gallery".
Based on the concept of "HEART MEETS ART", beyond traditional genres and concepts,
we will create a new charm of new art with a new idea (skill), and light the fire of
artistic spirits sleeping at the bottom of each and every one’s heart.
Expect great things to come.


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Company name
Tokyo Myoan Institute of Development Research
G&D Alchemic House 3-3-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071
TEL. 03-3440-7626
May 20, 2004
52 million yen
Representative Director and President Takanori Aiba